Registration opens January 2nd!

With more and more families attending the Summit, we have made families a priority.

In the past, each church registered everyone that was attending the Summit from that church. Any families had to register their children on a separate form and pay for every child. That could add up quickly and possibly keep key leaders from attending the Summit.

Now, each family will fill out their own form for their family. If you are attending with the whole family, your registration fees will not exceed the max. You pay one time for the whole family, kids and all! (see below).

We’ve also kept the Block Registration for churches that are sending several people to the Summit. The Block Registration fee is the same, $400 per church, but does not include child registration. Families in a block registration will still need to register their children separately (see below).

With all the new possibilities, take a little time to go over the options and see which type of registration will be the best for your family and church.

Have a question or need some additional information? Give us a call at (573) 785-7746 or send us an email at

Individual Family Registration

Family Registration

  • We've made registrations easier for families to complete. Just one form to fill out.
  • We've capped the amount families have to pay for their total registration.
  • Early Registration — $55 / $200 Max
  • Regular Registration — $65 / $240 Max
  • On-Site Registration — $75 / $280 Max

Summit events are open to all General Baptists. For voting on General Association business, churches belonging to an association and churches that are direct affiliate members “shall select delegates to the General Association—two delegates for each 50 members or fraction thereof.” In addition, pastors and staff employed by the church are automatic delegates.

If you are a FAMILY:

Register Online

Download Form

Block Registration

Individual/Church Block Registration

  • Block registration allows a church to send an unlimited number of attendees.
  • To help with group training within a church we've capped the registration fees.
  • Block Registration — $400
  • Individual Registration
    • Early Registration — $55
    • Regular Registration — $65
    • On-Site Registration — $75
  • Child/Student registration is not included in Block Registrations. Families in a block registration will need to register their children separately (see below).

A church block to allow an unlimited number of attendees from one church may be purchased for $TBA. For facility and program planning purposes, the names of the people attending as a church block need to be included on the registration form. Additions and substitutions are permitted.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL or CHURCH registering as a block:

Register Online

Download Form

Child/Student Registration

Child/Student Registration

Use this form ONLY if your church is using a BLOCK REGISTRATION. Child/Student registration is included on the Individual/Family Registration form.

  • Children ages birth to 5 years - no registration fees.
  • Students in grades K-12 - TBA.

Child registration is NOT included in the Church Block Registration. Families in a block registration need to register their children separately. Families not in a church block registration can register above on the Individual/Family Registration Form.

If you are a family in a Block Registration:

Register Your Child/Children Online 

Download Child Form